Most of us learn about IQ from an early age but how many of us were taught about EQ? Emotional intelligence, also known as EQ, is the ability to identify, articulate, and regulate one’s emotions and comprehend the emotions of others. This skill helps individuals master their emotions so that they can cognitively assess a situation and quickly diffuse conflict without acting on impulse. Using emotional intelligence to make constructive decisions about one’s behavior can strengthen social intelligence, mental health, and physical health. Everyday life stresses can be hard to manage let alone understand. Here are a few simple yet effective tips to improve your EQ: listen, empathize, and reflect. Shift the focus to how you can help others, and not just your needs. Engage in a meaningful and effective way with words and actions that align with/and support others. Ultimately, learning these habits will help build self-awareness and increase your ability to empathize with others. Do the research to help you manage your emotions, become a role model to the people around you, and understand others on a more intimate level. There are many resources listed below for more information on emotional intelligence.


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